CMCMS Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Firm: If you would like to visit our clean safe production facilities or request more information please call: (320)-983-3171, or e-mail:

CMCMS, Inc. (Milaca)

Corporate Office

560 8th Street NE

Milaca, MN 56353

Phone: (320) 983-3171

100,000 sq feet of production and warehouse space

CMCMS Inc, is an experienced low cost solution for full turnkey contract manufacturing. We can help you with your product from concept all the way to order fulfillment or any of the steps in between. We can customize a production area, create fixtures and set up processes to fine tune the manufacturing of your product. CMCMS, Inc. has been serving the manufacturing needs and saving money on a wide range of different products for fortune 500 companies since 1967 with 224,000 sq. feet of specialized production and warehousing space. Our Goal at CMCMS, Inc is not to meet the customers expectations but to exceed them.


We currently have no activity of this type but we have years of experience with medical devices and are very familiar with the stringent FDA regulations and have been certified in the past. We have clean rooms available and could set up a production area with all your requirements in a very short time.


We have the capability to mix large batches of chemicals. Testing is done to ensure the blends meet customer specifications.


Our Chemical packaging stations are designed to efficiently and safely package products to customer standards.


We have clean rooms available for packaging and also for bottle cleaning or flushing.


We are experienced at packaging liquid as well as powder chemicals.


We have the capability to package and ship hazardous chemicals.


Chemicals are tested with prescribed methods to ensure they meet the customers specifications


Our lab technicians perform combustion testing on carpet and fabrics to determine the fluorine content.

ISO 9001:2015 Registered Firm

If you would like to visit our clean safe production facilities or request more information please call: (320)-983-3171 or e-mail:

CMCMS, Inc. has also been looking to the future with alternative energies, green technology with a strong emphasis on solar power. We have years of experience in the laminating, laser cutting and laser welding of various styles of solar lenses and keeping our processes within a very tight tolerance. CMCMS, Inc. also recycles over 80% of our scrap materials. Its never to early to think about a better tomorrow.

We have electronic clean rooms and all the equipment to ensure your product doesn't get damaged by ESD as well as a capable staff who are trained in the proper handling and assembly of delicate electronic components

LAMINATING (solvent bond)

With our Solvent Bond Lamination process we can create an optically clear, permanent bond between acrylic thin film and rigid acrylic sheets, up to 48 inches wide.

LAMINATING PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive)

With our PSA Lamination process is capable of laminating various thin film materials and rigid sheeting, up to 48 inches wide.


Our analysts are diligent at keeping our inventory and that of our customers very accurate whether in parts or in finished goods. They keep our inventory at safety stock levels to assure our lines can keep running with no down time to meet your production schedules.


Keeping our scrap costs low means we can pass on the savings to our customers. We go to great lengths to ensure our scrap is at a minimum. We track all scrap and do a thorough root cause analysis and corrective action to prevent those failures from happening again.


We provide a full service parts department that ships directly to your customers.


Whether it is parts or finished goods all our locations have a full service shipping and receiving dept with all the proper tools to assure what ever is being shipped is packed carefully so it arrives at its destination safely.


Our parts department can assemble and stock custom part kits for you and your customers


We have 224,000 sq ft of production and warehouse space and all the equipment and shelving to assure your product is stored safely.

We have a complete work shop that has all the tools and material to make just about anything you need, including custom pallets and fixtures.

No jobs are too big or too small, CMCMS Inc. is a cost effective contract manufacturing solution that can make you a quality product at the lowest possible price.

We have a very competent and diverse staff that are trained in many different areas at many different skill levels to do many complex assemblies while keeping the costs as low as possible.

We have the capabilities to do through hole component stuffing and wave soldering.


Laser Cutting of Acrylic up to 1", Hard or Softwoods up to 1.5", Polycarbonate up to 0.25", Corian up to 0.5", Wood Veneer up to 0.109", Carbon Steel up to .119" (11 Ga) and Stainless Steel up to 0.090 (13 Ga).

Laser Etching of wood, acrylic, marble, granite, glass, mirror, coated aluminum, coated brass and engraving plastic.


The Laser Welding of thermoplastics or (through transmission IR welding) where compatible thermoplastic materials are bonded together creating a seam that is as strong as the base material.

e.g. ABS, PA, PC, PP, PMMA, PS and PBT.


Our engineers can setup a custom production area for your product that will assure product quality and efficiency to keep your costs as low as possible.


Our engineers can help you design or modify parts to improve product quality and reduce costs. Our engineers use Solid Works ™ 2010 CAD software.


Our lab is equipped with all the tools necessary to do incoming/outgoing, finished goods and first article inspections on virtually any type of part.


All of our instruments are on a calibration schedule or sent out to an accredited metrology lab to ensure all our data is accurate.


We will perform incoming/outgoing and 1st article inspections on any parts you require at any AQL sample plan you choose. If you have no requirements we will put it on our standard inspection plan.


We will keep records and analyze our data to assure we are sending quality products and will track failure rates, do root cause analysis and maintain acceptable CPKs. Quality products aren't our goal it's our practice.


Our electronic technicians can test your electronic devices to assure functionality and reliability and trouble shoot them if there are any problems